Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday Ramblings

This week has been pretty busy with work and wedding planning so I apologize for not having a more organized and cohesive blog post today.  However, I'm pretty excited that Alex and I were able to get tickets to Louis C.K. when he comes to Stamford in a few weeks!  It'll be really fun to have a little date night  leading up to the wedding.  And a good distraction from all the planning.  

We're off to Aruba in a few weeks (yay honeymoon!!) and I saw this sundress at Shopbop that I thought might be perfect for wearing during the day or out to dinner.  Love the crisscross straps in the back.

Finally, one of the biggest changes of living with a guy is the amount of snack food in our apartment.  I never used to buy or keep snack food around because it only encourages me to eat more.  So Alex and I try really hard to find healthy snacks to keep in the apartment since he definitely likes to snack (as do all guys it seems).  Our current favorite snack is PopCorners, that my sister-in-law, Rachel, introduced us to over the holidays.  Cheesy Jalapeno is amazing.

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