Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Special Wedding Favors

I cannot believe our wedding is only 2.5 months away!!  It feels like just yesterday we went and saw our venue and decided on where we wanted to get married.  We're starting to enter the home stretch right now which is really exciting.  It means making decisions on smaller details (welcome bags, gifts, ceremony music, etc).  It's fun getting to look at the small details rather than worrying about the larger ones.  

Alex almost immediately after we got engaged asked for just one thing with the wedding, he wanted us to give out Jordan Almonds because he loves them.  Of course I happily agreed as this is a very easy request to work with.  Since our colors are white, blush and navy (more for accents), I was thrilled that we could order just white almonds.

Once we got those settled, I wanted to focus on presentation.  Coming up with a solution that would be very simple, elegant and compliment our table decor (votive candles and small vases of white flowers scattered around).  

The plan now is simply to assemble the boxes, fill them with almonds, tie a bow around each box and place at the head of each person's plate.  Should look beautiful with the white flowers and votive candles placed around the table.  And who doesn't love candy?

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