Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake

On Sunday afternoon, Alex, my parents and I got to do our wedding cake tasting!!  Our amazing baker made 3 mini cakes in different flavors (carrot, lemon and raspberry) for us to try with various icing combinations.  Additionally, each cake was decorated in a style similar to ones I had seen online and loved.  While I won't reveal what we went with, I can say we all were a little hungover from sugar that night.  So much so that this morning, I'm sticking to green juice and water until my body feels normal again.

Love the little beads around the base

Beautiful flowers on top - for the actual cake would be way less gloppy

Fun ruffled edges around the cake


So good we attacked the slices before actually photographing them

Detox: green juice and water

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