Monday, February 11, 2013

BRRR!!! Meals for Being Snowed-In

CT was hit badly by a blizzard over the weekend.  We spent much of Saturday huddled up inside our apartment just taking it easy as we looked out at the snowdrifts.   While we loved having a lazy day around the apartment, Alex and I had a lot of fun planning out our dinner.  

As the snow had started coming down on Friday, we had picked-up filets at Target -- side note, the filets there were awesome!!  Very flavorful and not expensive.  Alex was in charge of cooking the filets and through a combo of searing first in the skillet and then cooking in the over at 500, they came out juicy and tender. On the side, we had sautéed spinach + corn.  It was delish.

If we weren't being so diet conscious, other things I would have loved to make this weekend include: