Monday, April 1, 2013

The Gray Goose - Southport

Alex and I spent a lot of the weekend getting stuff done for the wedding (19 days and counting!).  After spending the afternoon Saturday checking-out sites for doing wedding portraits, we stopped for an early dinner at The Gray Goose in Southport, CT.  We've rented out the restaurant for a family luncheon during the wedding weekend and as Alex hadn't eaten there yet, it was a really fun thing to stop by and have a great meal.  While the food is amazing, I was incredibly impressed with how knowledgeable the waiter was about wines.  It's a small, cozy restaurant with dark wood features and a big fireplace (we got the table directly in front of it!).  I cannot wait to go back.  We had the calamari, mussels, veggie burger and steak.  All were perfection.

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  1. Can't wait! BTW, what are you wearing to this luncheon? Is it a jeans kinda thing or a spring-y dress kinda thing?